How's My Email?
By Habit Labs

Make your Gmail inbox counts public! (Log in via Google)

Brave souls

Who made this?

A tiny side-project by Habit Labs and Buster Benson. Read about the occassional thought regarding why I think making your inbox counts public is useful over here on my Tumblr.

Is is safe?

I use Google Oauth to access your stats, which means that you don't have to give me your password. However, by doing so, it is theoretically possible for me to read your email. Rest assured that I will *never* do this, I just feel obligated to tell you that there's no way for me to get the stats without getting that permission as well. I don't actually even pull down anything other than headers to get your counts (which doesn't include the body of the email). If you log in and change your mind later, you can delete/revoke access at any time from any page on this site.